Clinical excellence and compassionate care in the treatment of eating disorders, with a specialty track for Diabulimia

Trusted and recommended by doctors and therapists throughout the country, Center for Hope provides residential treatment for women 16 and older, while the partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient program treats both men and women age 14 and older. We provide clinically sophisticated treatment for even the most complex cases. Since 2003, we have been considered experts in the field, and our programs have been featured in both the Huffington Post and the Chicago Tribune.

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You will be contacted by an eating disorder specialist within 24 hours

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About Us

We pride ourselves on our passion and commitment to the healing process.

Meet the Team

Meet our experienced and knowledgeable team of treatment professionals.


From residential to partial hospitalization to outpatient, we have a program to suit your needs.

Diabetes Program

Our program is among a handful in the country able to address this complex disorder.


View photos of our campus located near beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Quick Facts

Obtain a general overview of what we offer to see how we can help you or your loved one.

A Message from our Director

A Message from our Director

"If you choose to heal with us at Center for Hope, you will join a warm and nurturing community that is dedicated to helping you achieve the happier and healthier life that you deserve. Each member of our treatment team is dedicated to providing you with superior care, customized to meet your unique needs, and always provided in an atmosphere of dignity and respect." Read more

Our Philosophy

At Center for Hope, we believe that individuals need to define a sense of self. Our program provides the opportunity to explore and challenge negative or harsh thoughts and assumptions, as well as providing opportunities for self-exploration, self-expression and the development of new coping strategies. Read more



“Thank you, from the bottom of my heart CHS, for giving me the safe space and the support I needed to fight the fight of my life. This is a truly remarkable place.”


If you are a therapist or other professional considering referring a patient for any level of care at Center for Hope, it is important that you are aware of our admission process, our treatment programs and services, and our high level of commitment to a collaborative team effort. Your involvement is essential to continuity of care and successful recovery for your patient. Please contact us directly for further information.