Treatment at Center for Hope of the Sierras

Through highly individualized treatment programs, Center for Hope is able to help individuals redefine their lives by finding meaning based on their unique gifts, interests, and talents, separate from their body and their eating disorder.

Treatment at Center for Hope of the Sierras
To accomplish this, Center for Hope offers a multitude of individual, family, and group therapies designed to promote healing in its programming. Group therapies include Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills, Intuitive Eating, Mind & Body Connection, Anxiety Management, Mindful Movement, Food and Feelings Pre-and Post-meal evaluation, Interactive Treatment Team, Relapse Prevention, Interpersonal Process, and Creative Expressions. Clients also participate in other unique offerings like equine therapy, mindful walking, meditation, yoga, and massage. All groups and offerings are designed to encourage self-care, self-respect, and an appreciation for the role of a gentle and mindful lifestyle.

In order to regain a healthy relationship with food, clients are actively involved in meal planning, grocery shopping, and a variety of food challenges weekly.  Each individual meets one-on-one with Dr. Lorraine Platka-Bird, Center for Hope of the Sierra’s nutrition therapist, for individualized meal planning according to personal preferences and individual goals. Once an individual gains confidence in their intuitive eating signals and reaches an appropriate level of health, they are invited to help prepare and portion their meals to work towards overcoming obsessive thoughts or compulsive behavior associated with their eating disorder. Restaurant outings are also a part of the program, helping individuals learn how to function in a society where “forbidden foods” are prolific.

With a treatment plan designed for transition back to daily life, clients also participate in a variety of recreational activities and outings including evenings at the movies, theater and community events, bowling, and arts & crafts outings.

Eating Disorder Treatment for Life

Treatment for LifeIt is believed that individuals who suffer from eating disorders are challenged in their capacity to find their own sense of validation, vitalization, and positive self-regard, and have difficulty regulating their self-esteem and coping with anxiety. Our philosophy is that it is the individual’s right to have a self. Our treatment program emphasizes the need for individuals to cope with the complex emotions that cause them to doubt this right, as well as the need to take themselves and their physical and psychological needs seriously.

It is our goal to make transition back to daily life as seamless as possible. Treatment is specifically designed to provide individuals with the skills and support necessary for long-term healing and recovery as well as with complete aftercare and recovery planning for their future.


Cost of Treatment & Insurance

The costs of the residential program are all-inclusive; however, residents will be responsible for additional costs for any specialist care or emergency care, laboratory tests, and medication.

Our minimum recommended length of stay is 45 days. Most residents stay an average of 60-90 days. Length of stay is based on each person’s individual clinical situation. Center for Hope is contracted with most major insurance companies and many plans provide coverage or offer reimbursement for the cost of treatment.  In the event that Center for Hope is not an in-network provider or benefits are not available, our intake coordinator may be able to assist in securing a single case agreement.  It is our goal to make sure you receive the maximum benefit possible. We offer discounted private pay rates and payment plans to those without insurance/benefit coverage. Please contact our intake coordinator at 877.828.4949, ext. 104 for additional information or to have your benefits verified.

All treatment is payable by credit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), personal check, bank check, or bank wire. If your insurance company is able to provide for your care, we will make every effort to work with your provider’s claims department to receive payment directly from them.

We aim to be flexible and helpful as you explore treatment options. As you make plans to receive treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, ideas, or suggestions regarding your care.